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Unserhaus is the name given to this grand, historic home when it was purchased in October, 2015. The home was built by Jesse Newton Dick, owner of extensive land holdings in Philo Township in 1910.

Here is a reference to the home, from the biography of Mr. Dick: "... in 1910 built his handsome modern residence, one of the finest in the place and a model of comfort and convenience."

Certainly, that must have been the case. In 1910, it was not so usual, especially in small, rural towns to find indoor plumbing, central heat and indoor bathroom facilities. Yet this home had them all. It was equipped with electric lights, and because electricity in rural areas was not so reliable, major fixtures in the home were both electric and gas lamps. Heat was provided by a hot water boiler that was fired by a coal stoker. Coal was stored in a room in the basement in the northwest corner of the house, where there is now a workshop and computer server system. The coal boiler was replaced in 1952 by an oil fired unit that was converted to burn natural gas when it became available in Philo in the mid 1950s. That unit continues to heat the home to this day.

Philo did not have a central water system in 1910. The home had its own water storage tank in the large attic. Iron pipe water lines running from the attic to the basement are still present.

Unserhaus, November, 2015

Unserhaus, earliest known photo, 1925

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